Yoga way of life at Beachfront

A typical working day involves running around the house to get everyone ready, looking at mails, making everyone run so that work gets done, having food in between so that we survive, taking calls to increase work, making calls to stabilize existing work and once a lot of work gets done it is time for some couch time and then bed time.

If you read that paragraph it does look healthy way of life. There is a lot of running around, there is a lot of meeting people, eating and there is a lot of rest time! hmm?!!

After reaching the age of 30 life gets into a super fast lane. There is hardly any time for anything. It looks like just a few blinks and one reaches 60s.

A true healthy life involves lot of good food, cooked with love, eaten with love among the people you love. There should be some me time to understand where we are heading. There should be some me time to just be. A healthy work time would be a typical 8 hours mixed with a lot of laughter, healthy breaks and physical movements to the body. It would be awesome if all this happens within nature, as one breathes in fresh air.

There is this organization, Nandiyogapeetha, which is exactly working on this model. They will help you rent a house near the beach, provide you consultation on your diet & support in getting you a cook, help you with your asana/pranayama, help with Yoga nidra at the beachfront and provide some healing music therapy in the evenings. Based on individual needs add Chiro therapy, Ayurveda consultations, nature camps and river cruise. You are now looking at a real healthy life indeed. As the founder Vidya Hegde says, Yoga way of life should be day you look forward to, a day where each moment is enjoyed, you leave that day behind with fond memories and refreshed mind.

Why Beachfront? Typically our body resonates well to the vibrations in nature. Especially water bodies like falls, river or beach. The beach is special as the waves, the sound and the air bring the right aura. The effects the rising and the setting sun bring on the colors in the beach makes the mind relaxed. The vastness of sky one can witness near a beach helps in getting oneself grounded.

You can contact them on: +919945225873 for more details.

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