Heart 2 Heart with Sadhaka – Episode 1

We speak from experience both as corporate employees as well as Yoga Sadhakas. This gives us more depth as we have experienced it first hand – the issues and the solutions from Yoga. In this first episode our Sadhaka: Mahesh NT speaks about one of our favorite topic: how to be in the material world, how to be competitive, how to have ambitions but finally how to let go and not be stressed about results.

As Mahesh says “The true essence of Yoga starts revealing itself with time. There is a lot to learn. There is a lot of scope for self discovery. But in summary what Yoga gives is some meaning to life. People try to search for meaning to life at their 30s or 40s or maybe even 70s. With dedicated Yoga sadhana one can take everyday as it comes. Every moment is essence of life. Give 100% and then enjoy every part of the day as it comes. A bad day comes by, cry, let out the pain. A good day comes by, laugh out loud, show the happiness.”

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