Heart 2 Heart with Sadhaka – Episode 2

With this video we introduce another Sadhaka. The perfect example of Sadhaka, Avani Udupa. She has been learning traditional Indian classical music since her childhood. A Sadhaka has no expectations. It is just pure love and dedication that keeps them going. Listen to this soulful music and see all your worries disappear.

You can benefit from this either while performing Dharana or Yoga Nidhra. A bit of Asana and pranayama performed before Dharana/Yoga Nidhra will help you in experiencing the effect of positive vibrations generated with the music. It will be good to be in a silent area. If you are listening to this while driving it will help you focus on the drive, if you listening while doing dharana you become aware of your inner thoughts, while doing Yoga Nidhra you become relaxed.

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