A day hike and Yoga – Taljai Hill

Cities are usually congested. City life is mostly spent around a lot of people. There is always so much to do in a city.

Cities tend to get boring. City life is lonely. After a while one craves for some space.

Pune is a beautiful city in the western state of Maharashtra. Close to cities like Mumbai and Nasik it started out as a retirement space for Mumbaite. During the information technology and service industry revolution of late 90s and early 2000s Pune got onto fast track of unplanned growth. Lot of options for young city crowd to chill out.

It is the people in late 30s and 40s who face the problem of loneliness, stress and tiredness with the city life. Luckily for Pune some beautiful hangouts are within the city. One such lung space is Taljai hills. Not very far from city center, it is close to another hillock, Parvati.

Nandiyogapeetha setup the platform YoGigabytes to help Yoga instructors reach Sadhakas. The platform is also a means to arrange meet-ups focused on Yoga and healthy way of life. These events are arranged around the cities or in serene/calm areas at drivable distance. While helping in networking, the event also helps in releasing stress, sharing knowledge, finding new ideas and in general being among like minded crowd. Although the event is conducted by us, a Yoga studio, it is not run by us. We are just the facilitators. It is the rich knowledge of the trainers and the enthusiasm of the participants that make these events a success.

As a part of the “YoGigabytes – Yogathon in nature” event, we conduct regular meet-up at Taljai hills for people from Pune and nearby areas. Even people coming to Pune on business find this event a good change in between their business meeting schedule. A new city, new people and something new to learn.

There is an option to hike up through the shrubby forest with beautiful orange flowers all around. One can as well drive up to the top and then walk down. At the top there are Meditation points, plain areas for a group Yoga session and healthy snack stalls. Our events usually start at 6 AM and finish by 9 AM. But the participants extend beyond in discussions.

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