YoGigaPuraan – Visit Puraan With Master Vinay- Ep 1

Some of the historic events we have heard from our parents who heard from their parents and so on. Some of the events have been documented in Puraan texts. Most of the texts have been translated into English and is available now to general public. With this series we attempt to bring the texts that are relevant from a Yoga point of view.

Where did it all start? Who did extensive research and come up with this beautiful concept we call Yoga? It is said that Bhagwaan Shiva, known as Aadi Yogi developed the process. Devi Parvati also known as Shakti provided the foundational information for the same. Based on the texts available in general domain, Aacharya Vinay, tells us about this in the first episode.

For us, practitioners of Yoga, it is mesmerizing to see the vastness of Yoga and it’s philosophy. It is not exercise or physiotherapy as many make it out to be. It is the essence of staying healthy: mind, body and soul. Question that naturally comes to mind: body ages, won’t natural sickness catch up? It will. But Yoga helps to either handle the body sickness or mentally be prepared for the eventuality. The attachment-detachment process helps to be ready for what is inevitable. Every now and then we face this question, for whom am I doing all these? What is the meaning of my life? Vairagya catches up. Especially in the stressful modern lifestyle. Vairagya is not bad. How to channelize it? How to understand it? How to continue to lead a fruitful life? All these is thought by Yoga.

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