Veerbhadra – life and background

Some incidents from history that are the foundations of what is Yoga today. Veerbhadra came into being to avenge the death of Sati. There is an asana by his name. It is based on how he was born, how he avenged and then how he took confidence. The asana in particular brings in a lot of confidence and is very good for people troubled with mood swings and depressions.

With the series YoGigapuraan, Master Vinay is brining to us some formational incidents with respect to Yoga. Understanding this will help us know Yoga as a way of life. Our perspective will widen and we will be able to look at Yoga beyond the asanas. Every thing that we do in Yoga has attachment and detachment. This is a very important aspect for happy life. Especially in our work. We work hard to get a client, setup a project, train the teams or build an image. Beyond that how events unfold is not in our control. Being stressed with what the outcome maybe can ruin the most required parts of our life family, health and happiness. This is the key part of teachings from Yoga. Attachment towards effort and detachment from result.

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