Byte by byte towards holistic health

Snippets that help you in regularizing posture, meaningful health breaks, focusing on nagging problems and in general working on healthy routines. We introduce the snippets as small workshop programs. Along with the videos we also provide everyday support sessions and a Yoga way of life booklet.

Subscribing to our monthly programs mean that you get access to all our workshops plus our “Daily Sadhana Videos”. You can follow the videos and practice at your convenience. We will support you throughout the subscription period by answering your doubts offline or through an in person discussion done periodically.

Vidya Hegde Our Founder Director places a great importance to right posture for good health. Our workshops are all about making healthy breaks from work, a habit.
Instead of elaborate 1 hour beginning that can overwhelm a beginner, we suggest short snippets to make Asana a regular habit of your daily routine.

Sometimes a nudge is all one needs, sometimes we want variety, just watching someone do the asanas will inspire, especially for Yoga Nidra it is all about the soothing voice. All this and much more on YoGigabytes, a platform from Nandiyogapeetha.



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