Why Subscribe?

We upload folllowing types of content,

  • Variety of channels: You can subscribe to the channel of your choice. Subscribe to monthly content if you want to get comfortable with one type of trainers or if you prefer variety change subscription every day. If you are out on a vacation then just subscribe to daily package. Contact us for custom packages.
  • Workshop content: Videos are uploaded at a pre decided frequency. Alerts of this upload are sent to individual subscribers. This works as alerts or reminders to take a break from work and perform a sadhana. With this we help you get into the habit of taking meaningful breaks.
  • Regular Sadhana: For people who want to have a daily yoga sadhana but cannot commit a specified time, offline videos work very well. With this we support you with a sadhana video every week.
  • Booklets: Quick reads help in understanding concepts better. Introducing you to concepts of Yoga way of life through small booklets is our way of handholding you into it gently. These booklets will be available for download to subscribers only.
  • Focused sadhana: During subscription if you have asked for a specific type of requirement then content focused on your need will be uploaded. You can ask for this in our enquiry form and then subscribe for the sessions.



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